Hair Clippers

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The Hair Clippers, is a specialized tool for cutting or trimming human hair. Not to be confused with the razor used to remove facial or body hair.

Hair Clippers

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Trimmer Multigroom Philips Series 3000 Mg3730 Black 100v/240v 8 En 1

The Trimmer Multigroom Philips Series 3000 Mg3730 8 In 1

Innovation and quality are the highest values ​​that represent Philips. Since its inception, this brand of Dutch origin has set out to be a world leader in the technology market. Its aesthetic cut line stands out for its functionality, which will the surface of your skin shiny and even.

Quick and precise cutting
Don't waste time! will achieve a perfect finish in a few minutes. By making lateral movements, the foils of your shaver leave your beard or hair with an ideal length and provide a precise cut.

All-in-one trimmer

8 in 1 trimmer

  • 8 Accessories

  • Self-sharpening steel blades

  • Up to 60 minutes of autonomy

  • Washable Accessories

$50.00 Price