• Prohibited Items

  • Weapons, ammunition and explosive material

  • Cell phones and services for cell phones outside the law

  • Narcotic drugs and prohibited substances

  • Flora, fauna and derivatives

  • Fireworks

  • Bones, organs and human waste

  • Tobacco and related products

  • Products out of trade

  • Medications, health and/or aesthetic products and chemical elements

  • Financial products and services

  • Tourist and related services

  • Mailing lists and personal database

  • Adult products or services and used underwear

  • Violence and discrimination

  • Decoders, antennas and signals

  • Publications that violate intellectual property rights

  • Legal and personal documents

  • Historical, cultural, archaeological and paleontological heritage

  • Programs or services to hack electronic devices

  • Lotteries or random products

  • Publications for purposes other than the sale of a product or service

  • Products that require approval or authorization from state agencies

  • Insurance

  • Vehicles without documentation and products for vehicles that violate current laws

  • Prosthetics, medical equipment and related products

  • Show tickets

  • Video games and toys of a violent nature

  • Goods and services promoted by the State

  • endangered flora

  • Food and drinks

  • Products and services of special regulation

  • Products and services of special regulation - First Necessity

  • Other prohibited items

  • Mystery boxes

  • Tobacco

  • Special regulation products and services - Construction Materials

  • unsafe products

Prohibited Items

Last updated: 03/15/2021

Below is the list of products and services whose offer, request, publication, purchase or sale are prohibited by NEGOCIO EXPRESS MARKETPLACE due to internal policies and/or to guarantee compliance with any current law, as the case may be.< /p>

Sellers are solely responsible for the legality and legitimacy of the items they offer. Vendors must comply with all pertinent regulatory obligations and have the records, qualifications, permits and/or authorizations required by the applicable regulations for the sale of the goods and services offered. NEGOCIO EXPRESS MARKETPLACE does not assume any responsibility for the existence on the site of products or services that violate the policies or any current law or judicial resolution.

NEGOCIO EXPRESS MARKETPLACE may terminate publications and/or suspend users who do not comply with the policies mentioned herein and, if applicable, we will notify the competent authorities. Therefore, we recommend you review this list before publishing an article.

The official stores that have the permits required by law, and have obtained the corresponding authorization from NEGOCIO EXPRESS MARKETPLACE, may publish any of the products described in this list.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, the user accepts the policies contained here.

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Weapons, ammunition and explosive material

We do not allow publishing and/or requesting

  • High or low caliber firearms: sports, collector's, relics or antique weapons (whether they shoot or not).

  • Firearms that are hidden under an inoffensive appearance (eg, firearms in the form of pens or cigarette cases).

  • Part of firearms, accessories or elements related to the operation of the weapon: jet loader/speed loader, barrels, slides, triggers, silencers, etc

  • Grenades, explosives, missiles, projectiles and gunpowder, existing or in disuse.

  • Flares, flare guns and their parts.

  • Weapons based on electrical pulses.

  • Firearm sights, as well as any type of infrared or heat detection sights.

  • Bullets, ammunition and/or systems for reloading firearms or electroshock weapons.

  • Products or devices whose purpose is the assembly of explosives.

  • Machines for reloading and manufacturing ammunition.

  • Tools or equipment that allow weapons to be modified.

  • Blueprints that teach how to modify firearms.

What you can publish

The products mentioned here are just examples.

  • Replicas of firearms as long as they do not allow projectiles to be fired.

  • Products related to compressed air, Co2 and paintball.

  • Knives, machetes, sabers, swords and knives.

  • Weapons for martial arts and close combat. For example: nunchucks, fists, batons, etc.

  • Bows, arrows and crossbows.

  • Accessories that do not participate in the operation of the weapon. For example: straps, holsters, etc.

  • Decorative items made from bullets or ammunition.

  • Empty bullet boxes.

  • Informative publications on this topic.

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