Paying for your purchases at NEGOCIO EXPRESS MARKETPLACE is easy and safe. Purchase your products or services and choose the payment method of your choice:

  • Payment in bolivars: Make your payments taking advantage of our variety and compatibility with various banking entities. When you are paying for your purchase, you can select the payment method of your choice: bank transfer or mobile payment.

Get our bank details here.

  • Other forms of payment: Make the payment of your purchases using PayPal, Binance or Vippo.

  • Cash in dollars: Option valid only on Margarita Island. You must select the Cash payment method, and if you require change, a balance will be generated in your favor for purchases within the page.

Important: You must confirm the transfers you make within 8 hours, in order to validate your payment. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled.

If you made the payment and before confirming, your order was canceled, you must make a new purchase. DO NOT check the payment on the canceled purchase..