Childrens Fragrances

Find the Childrens Fragrances that your child needs. Only at Negocioexpress

The Childrens Fragrances are developed by expert French perfumers, under a wonderful hypoallergenic formula that offers soft, pleasant and long-lasting aromas enriched with glycerin to protect, soften and moisturize children's skin, providing them with this desired freshness and care.

The Childrens Fragrances are a beautiful touch of coquetry for the little ones who seek to imitate some behaviors of their parents and that makes them feel bigger. They are ideal fragrances for after bathing or to apply before going to school or a party with your friends, managing to transmit a delicious smell according to their age.

It should be noted that children have their own particular scent, which is delicate and pleasant since they have not yet developed some physical or hormonal characteristics that adults possess, however, fragrances can be incorporated into their daily routine as part of their hygiene and care products.

Childrens Fragrances

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